July 24th, 2007


Spinkcraft Launched!

I had an adventure tonight! The humans called to get one of those big round yellow things to eat. While the big one was retrieving the round food from the servant-human, I snuck outside without ANY of them noticing! Oh man, sweet freedom! I went all over! It was dark and quiet and MINE! ALL MINE! This other world is weird - the wet stuff I like to drink kept falling from the sky, but not all the time. I went pretty far into this new world, really far from where I usually am, but I had a great time!

I was starting to think I wouldn't make it back and ever see my humans again, but then I saw the big one walking around and ran to him. The fucker picked me up and CARRIED ME all the way back! Oh man, I let him have it. Then Fuzzy tried to carry me for the rest... when we got back to the Usual World, he entered it through a really big hole that CLOSED ITS MOUTH when we went into it! The monster, it eated us! Fuzzy opened another hole, and there was my litter box! I pooped to show my gratitude.

Unfortunately, the Intruder was still here when I returned. I actually missed hissing and scratching at him, so I licked him to express emotion. That'll show him.
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